New Group on Facebook

One of my philosophies is to support local business.  I especially place emphasis on supporting and promoting the businesses of my friends and clients.

An example of the talent is Rob Heim.  Rob and his wife Amy used my services to help them sell their Duvall home and acreage.  They later called on me to help them find their current home in Maple Valley.  Rob and Amy are very active paragliders that fly off Tiger Mountain.

Professionally, Rob is a very gifted Landscaper.  Landscape artist actually.  After his move to Maple Valley, Rob jumped off the ledge.  He left his lead position at the company he where he worked and started his own landscape business.

View Rob’s site online at  He works all around the Eastside and King County.  When you look at his portfolio, and should you get the opportunity to meet Rob & Amy, you will find two talented professionals and a very silly and terrific couple!

I’ve created a group on Facebook called The hello Real Estate Network.  My goal is to encourage discussion and networking among those interested or involved in real estate.  Consumers, real estate agents, as well as vendor and contractors.  It is an open Facebook group so anyone can join.

One of the tasks I am working on is that of compiling a list of contractors and vendors that would not only service my target markets, but would also service the various communities of those in the hello Real Estate Network Group.

First point of emphasis is always … quality first!

Rob’s business is one that I have no concerns in supporting and is an example of the many quality professionals I hope will become part of my Concierge list within the hello Real Estate Group.

You’re invited to share a story of someone that you would like to get noticed


A Real Estate Myth-Understanding

Beyond the usual “how’s the real estate market?”  …I’m being asked more real estate related questions than ever.  Is this a good time to buy?  How do you buy a foreclosure?  Is it hard to get a mortgage?  Are homes selling … How long would it take to sell my home?


There is curiosity, confusion, and myth-information.


Myth-Understanding #1:  It is not a good time to buy real estate.


It’s no doubt that even our Seattle Redmond real estate market remains sluggish.  Many home sellers are frustrated as home prices have fallen and many homes continue to sit waiting for a buyer.  Home foreclosures and short-sales have increased.  And home buyers don’t know whether the timing is right to buy.  Are home values going to continue to go down?  Has the market hit bottom?  Can they even get a loan?


Truth:   Now is a great opportunity!


For a buyer, this is a great opportunity and, yes, there are still many loan products available.  As of today (02/13/09), fixed 30yr interest rates are below 5 ½%.  There are also many First Time Homebuyer products available.  And the Housing Stimulus Bill provides a First-time Home Buyer credit.   These facts, along with lower prices and the  tax advantages,  even if the market hasn’t hit bottom, a buyer could loose money by waiting to purchase.


But the main point in home ownership is not even the economics.  While it is a fact that buying and holding real estate has been a great wealth generator, there is still ‘no place like home.’  Home is where families create memories.  Home is our sanctuary … where we find our calm, our love.


There are many personal rewards outside of economics, and including economics, that prove … homeownership works!