Washington State Wide Open House Weekend June 27th & 28th

This weekend, June 27th & 28th, thousands of homes for sale across the state of Washington are going to be open for viewing as part of the State Wide Open House Weekend being organized by Realtors throughout the state.

The Seattle area Real Estate market is starting to see increased sales, especially in the lower priced homes.  Attractive interest rates and now the $8,000 first time home buyer tax credit, along with lower prices, are factors as the market stabilizes.

The idea behind the open house weekend is to create greater visibility for the many homes for sale to coincide with the buyer opportunities now available. 

I’ll be participating by holding an open house at my Juanita Country Club Condo listing in Kirkland this Sunday, June 28th from 1-4pm.   http://12424.hellorealestate.net


Ethics in Advertising – I’m having my doubts

I hate misleading advertising.  I really do.  And I don’t think I’m alone in that.  I’m also not that keen on hypocrisy.  And trying to figure out mixed messages has never been my idea of fun.

Lately, in driving around and previewing homes with clients, we see these riders that say “$8,000 Tax Credit Available”, or “You may qualify for $8,000 Home Buyer Credit”.  And today, as I’m driving home from the office, on the radio I hear a Realtor ad talking about how “it’s time to take advantage of the $8,000 Home Buyer Credit before it expires.”

As Realtors, didn’t we have to take an ethics class?  How ethical is it that real estate companies and even the Realtor Association is putting out these teaser ads which I’m finding I have to explain as not being completely true.

It’s Not a Home Buyer Tax Credit.  It’s a First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.  Would it be that hard to add two truthful words to these ads?

It may seem minor on the face of it.  But it’s not a minor thing when your credibility with a client is diminished by misleading ads that really appear to be just an attempt to get anybody breathing through the door.  As Realtors we have enough negative perception to fend off, surely it’s not a smart move to validate this with anything less than completely honest advertising.